Yes I know I am supposed to write some kind of impressive bio here, detailing my education and other magnificent feats.  Well guess what? There aren’t any.

I am educated of course, but I don’t have a degree or any such thing and I can’t say that I have achieved anything amazing other than deciding, at forty years old that I had had enough of the UK and everything associated with it.

So despite the shock horror reactions from most, I sold everything, packed a couple of bags and trundled my way to here. TURKEY.

It wasn’t as easy or straightforward as I thought it would be but I overcame the things that held me back and now find myself ten years married to a Turk and a citizen of this fine Country.

I have always written, always, but have not always had the motivation to share it or send it out to the many hundreds of places that you can. But I am trying to rectify that now.

Obviously I live in paradise, the Mediterranean sea is just over the road.  I don’t work and so I get to fiddle with my plants, play and walk my dog, read, design and knit patterns for dolls, and make cloth ones – ALL DAY LONG. (I do cook and clean from time to time.)

If you should ever wish to ask my anything, then please, please do.