Thoughts Please..

Freaked out business woman with a hammer ready to smash her laptop computer

Have decided in my infinite wisdom that I don’t like Facebook.  Can’t see the woods for the trees.

I haven’t deleted it but I have had a good old clear out and tried to move as many of the people, groups and likes over to Twitter that I can.

To be honest FB has never really been of any great use to me as a writer, there is just so much stuff to get bogged down in.

Am hoping it will be far more beneficial to use Twitter and follow the blogs of like-minded people and support those who interact in this way.

So what are your thoughts?  Which platforms work best for you?


Bucket List

No, no, no.  Not that kind of bucket list.

I am driving myself insane at the moment.  Categorising my documents, listing what has been send where, what I can’t send anywhere and looking for new places to submit. Whoever would have guessed there were so many outlets for flashes?

So this is how I feel right now – love this image – it says it all.


Am I the only one who looks up and realises that it’s after 5pm and I haven’t washed up from breakfast?  Let alone peeled a potato?  I am 100% sure I am not.

Happy days.

It’s A Random Choice


So how many WIP’s have you got? I have eight and to my thinking they all have the potential to be something, if not a full length novel, (I have the attention span of a gnat,) they may make it to Novella length.

But herein lies the problem.  I get several chapters in and then lose the plot.  Sound familiar?

The fact that I am a panster doesn’t really help.  I mean I couldn’t organise the proverbial p*ss up in a brewery so my chances or planning a story are nil.  Seriously.

This therefore, is my plan.  I have put all the working titles of these said WIP’s through a random generator and the one that has come out on top, wait a minute and I will tell you about it, is the one I am going to work on here, on this blog.

I have no real idea what genre it is, but when did that ever stop me? It has murder, a gang of prostitutes (so a bit of sex,) and a head of house who is not entirely what she seems. Oh and it’s set in the Victorian era so the language has played me up a bit – lots of research, but that’s okay, I can do research.

May surprise you to know that I have conducted two interviews with my characters. One with the MC and one with that lady of the house. So I will share those later.

So this is just a working cover, for which I would like to thank the talented Miraly – the girl rocks.


Lilith is just a street girl, working up dark alleys and more frequently, down at the docks.

She stumbles upon the very ordinary home of Madam Cynthia and before long she has several of her working acquaintances ensconced in the comfort of said home.

All goes relatively well until the Madam chooses her to entertain a gentleman of distinction in his home.  She is not to breathe a word to anyone of this liaison.


See you back here later, I may need your help.