Problem Solved

Time for a bit of a flash I think.



‘I’m not signing it.” Bernard bangs his fist on the table and the pen jerks away.

”Think you’ll find you are mate. Marcus wants the cops off his back and that family need closure.”

Delaney circles the table and puts the pen back in front of Bernard.

”It’s a bloody confession and it reads like a suicide note as well. We both know I didn’t do it. Marcus did.”

”Just do it Bernie. Sorts everything out and you can bugger off to Rio or some place for a while.”


”Well you have two choices. You know what Marcus wants he gets, and he wants this sorted now. If I was you mate I would do it and get the hell out of here.”

They hear the outer door open and thirty seconds later Marcus steps into the room.

”Not signed it for me yet Bernard? It’s only a bloody signature.”

”I’m not signing it.” Bernard makes to rise from the chair.

”Jeez I don’t have time for this. It’s your fucking choice.” Marcus steps back and pulls out his gun.

”Problem solved” he says and shoots Bernard dead.

He turns to Delaney. ”Now you sign the sodding paper.”


Any thoughts?

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